Coloring pastes

Solvent-based coloring pastes are used for the production of high-end adhesive tapes, employed for severe applications where superior resistance, flexibility and adherence are required.

High chromatic yield

The usage of coloring pastes guarantees a high chromatic yield thanks to the high pigmentation of the product.

Hexane and toluene

Gi-Emme solvent paste portfolio features hexane-based and toluene-based pastes, to ensure maximum flexibility and adaptability to the manufacturing processes of our clients.

Quality and reliability

Our experience in the production of solvent-based pastes is guarantee of a high quality and reliability product, perfectioned in more than 40 years of activity and collaboration with leading adhesive tape manufacturers at international scale.

Solvent pastes produced by Gi-Emme are available in the following colors: white, Havana, yellow, red, green and blue, with the possibility to develop ad-hoc colors based on specific client needs.

Product features


Solvent-based liquid coloring paste

Pigment concentration


Standard colors

White, Havana, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue


At the discretion of the customer


Keep at temperatures between + 5 ° C and +30 ° C. Maximum storage time 12 months


Coloring of adhesive masses in solvent, mainly for masking tapes. Stir every time you use it and close the package after use

Safety data sheets