The masterbatch is a pigments mixture dispersed into a chromatically-neutral material, such as solvent or resin, and takes the form of 3-5 mm-diameter grains.

Ideal for adhesives coloring

It represents the state-of-the-art of coloring products used in the rubber and plastic industry, especially in the sector of adhesive tapes. In this specific area, the masterbatch is the ideal coloring product for adhesives spread with in-line manufacturing processes, both featuring holt-melt and solvent-based technologies.

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Better dispersion of the pigment

High qualitative stability of the finished product

Better handling than the use of powdered pigments

No risk of explosion associated with the use of powders


With respect to the direct usage of pigments, using masterbatch allows for a better pigment dispersion, a more efficient usage of raw material and a higher quality consistency of the final product. Moreover, it eliminates explosion risks associated with pigment dust suspended in air.

Dedicated to adhesive tape

Gi-Emme masterbatch portfolio mainly addresses the usage for packaging adhesive tapes in White and Havana colors. We continuously work to the calibration of our formulas and production process to develop customized colors and to enhance the suitability of our product to the customer’s manufacturing process

Product features


Masterbatch – dry coloring paste

Pigment concentration


Standard colors

White, Avana


25 kg paper bags or Big-bags up to 1,000 kg


Away from strong sources of heat and atmospheric agents


Colorazione di masse adesive in solvente e hot-melt per nastri adesivi da imballaggio

Safety data sheets