Coloring pastes

Oil-based coloring pastes use alkylated oil as dispersion component and are used with hot-melt technologies


Superior tack

These adhesive tapes show excellent adherence and tack and pose no constraints regarding storage temperature.

Packaging applications

The market for holt-melt adhesive tapes is experiencing a continuous growth, especially in the packaging industry.

Flexible product range

Gi-Emme produces and sells oil-based coloring pastes in the standard colors White and Havana. However, our technicians are available to develop customized coloring solutions for specific client needs.

Technical features


Alkylated oil based liquid coloring paste

Pigment concentration


Standard colors

White, Havana


At the discretion of the customer


Keep in perfectly closed containers, away from high heat sources and protected from atmospheric agents


Coloring of adhesive masses in oil dispersion solvent, mainly for packaging adhesive tapes

Safety data sheets